Somehow I left the house today without putting my contacts in. Two months ago, that wouldn't have been a problem, I would have noticed as soon as I got to work and looked at my computer screen. But this time, I noticed when I was half way to work, which instead of the 10 minute drive I had 2 months ago, is a 45 minute drive now. So I couldn't turn around and go back, or wait till lunch time to go home and put them in... nope, have to wait till 5 when I get to leave. Which will be too late. I will already have a headache. grrrr...

So, I just wanted to slip into my own blog and write a little sumthin' sumthin'.

The entry deadline for Quilt National has come and gone and I didn't get to send anything in. I wanted SO bad to send in my black remazol wholecloth quilt that I've been hand quilting since spring. It is just moving along too slowly, and I don't want to rush it because I want it to be perfect. So, maybe next year.

It is my last week of work. Starting Monday I am officially an artist. Doing someone else's art, but that is beside the point. It's a stepping stone. It's all a stepping stone to my dream job, ARTEEEEEST. I'm still a little nervous, but I think it will all work out.

I dyed some fabric over the weekend, I am starting a multi-process and multi-layered piece to hang in a cool old frame in our bedroom. I acqured the frame from my old job at a frame shop. When customers would bring in art that was already frame, sometimes they didn't want their old supplies back, so they were up for grabs for employees. Needless to say that I have BOXES and BOXES of stuff in our basement that came from my almost 4 years at that job. Ryan too, because that is where we met!

Anyway... Not much else new to report. Going to look into getting internet hooked up at home in the next week or two. Then I can get back to posting regularly. Please know that I miss ya'll when I am so far away from the whole world, without my internet, without my blogs to read, without my Ebay... the list goes on... and now, my MySpace. ugh... I resisted for SO long, but I finally gave in and started a myspace. It's fun so far, addicting. Like when you first start reading blogs, you can sit there for hours going from one page to the next.


do it already

Oh.... you have no idea how many times I've opened up blogger and started to write a couple sentences, read them over and then said, "that's dumb" or "that's boring" (not to mention the times that I stared at the blank screen) and just closed the window and went somewhere else. But today, even if it is dumb or boring... gotta write something.

Things are changing and I'm freaking out a bit. kinda starting to cry right now at work because I just changed something huge and I don't know what's going to happen next.

Quitting your job because you hate it and are bored is a good reason right? Quitting your job for those reasons, plus getting to work for an artist is a good reason. Except when your original job paid really well even though you had to get up at the ass crack of dawn and drive for 45 minutes to get there because you bought an awesome house too far from work. I have been weighing all these things for days. I am looking, searching, hunting for a 2nd job to go along with my awesome work-at-home-doing-art-for-someone-else-almost-full-time job, because I need to make up the difference in my pay, because HOLY MAMA, I OWN A HOUSE now and have lots of bills.

whoa... not at all what I expected to come out when I started typing. I really came to show some pictures of what I've been working on at home, which isn't a whole lot, but it's something.

I made my Grandma a roll up dpn case for her birthday and included a set of size 1's in the 5-inch length, which are THE BEST!

Turns out that she has never used the 5-inchers before... oh she will LOVE them for socks! How can a sock knitter use the long ones? I have tried since I switched over the the 5's and man, they just get in the way of each other. I love my 5" needles!

And, here is a purple rail fence quilt that I started back in the apartment.

It is layered and trimmed and ready for quilting and binding. I am thinking of some all over floral pattern. something to really be opposite to all the geometric stuff.

And, to all those that loved these pieces before... I had to do it.

I peeled off all the little details. I even threw them away. I really could just leave them the way they are now. I love them. But I will probably do some hand stitching on them.

For now... I have a stack of resumes to read and sort through. My replacement you know. Hard to read and process them all when you can't think straight.

Hopefully will be updating more regularly again soon. Still no internet at home.
But Sunday... Oh... Sunday is the Fiber Festival in Chelsea. I have $50 burning a hole in my pocket, and I will be buying yarn with it.