Will I ever have enough shibori fabric?

After another week of school, I have six more pieces of dyed fabric. I dyed them on Tuesday and let them sit until I could come back on Thursday to rinse. These three shibori ones turned out great! Someone in class actually asked me, "how much fabric do you need for this project!?" I said, "I don't know, but this better be enough." So this first piece is just great. (pic below is pretty fuzzy) I really just want to hang it up as it is. I can see it all hemmed on the edges and with some kind of meticulous hand stitching all over it in some kind of organic flower vines pattern or something. I do need it for the log cabin-ish quilt I'm planning though. So I will end up cutting it up and sewing it back together with all my other shibori fabrics. I hope it's worth it!!!

Here are two more pieces from last night. The first one started out purple with mocha on it after being scrunched, the second one is the opposite.

So last week, I was emptying out all the trash cans from home and putting it all in one big bag to take out to the dumpster. I got into the sewing room and started to dump the trash from there. I had thrown the three skeins of pink baby alpaca in there the week before after seeing all the moth holes in it. I started dumping the trash out into the bag and at the last minute grabbed the three skeins and set them on the table and took the rest of the trash outside. Wednesday night I sat down and started to unwind the skeins, one at a time to see what I could selvedge. I got enough to do... something with...some day. hehehe... just can't let it go to waste! throwing it away would have been knitting sacrilege! I saved my soul from the knitting devil at the very last moment! So this is what I was left with, 3 smallish balls of good stuff and a pile of small pieces, lovingly separated from the rest of the skein by some moths. (yes, I threw all the small pieces away, I'm not completely insane)

I've also been knitting a Christmas present with Classic Elite Imagine yarn for a certain someone who reads this blog. I love the colors and the shiny rayon that goes thru it, but it is not so fun to knit with. it's kind of hard against my fingers. I'm almost done with it though and it is looking very nice. I also think my tension is a big part of it too. I noticed I was pulling the yarn really tight when I pull the loop off the left needle. I also noticed that I clench my jaw when I knit. I need to stop both of those bad habits.

Last but certainly not least, my best friend in the whole world (we've been best friends since the age of 3) has a blog for her mom, you can view it here. Over the summer her mom was diagnosed with a rare and very aggressive form of uterine cancer. She designed the blog to be like a prayer circle. The goal is to get as many people all over the world to participate so that every minute of every day, someone, somewhere is wishing them good thoughts and healing (and prayers if you're so inclined). They are the most amazing and beautiful women I have ever been so lucky to have in my life. Please take a moment to think about them today.


Another good weekend makes Monday more miserable

Ok, so I'm not miserable, but I am slightly annoyed that I got up at 7am to get to work by 8:30 so I could sit here and do nothing. I guess I should quit complaining about being employed and getting a regular paycheck. I'm sure there are lots out there who aren't as lucky. I can pay my bills and that is all that matters.

The weekend was great. Ryan and I watched a movie Friday night called Sin City with Bruce WIllis and lots of other recognizable people in it but their names are not coming to mind at the moment. I thought the movie was AWFUL, Ryan liked it. It was basically just an excuse to show sex and violence, lots of guns, lots of body parts being cut off. Total guy movie or "dick flick". So, I got a little nap in during the movie and then knit thru the rest of it. Got quite a few rows of the baby blanket done. So it wasn't a wasted evening. The movie did have some redeeming qualities, it was exactly like a comic book. The direction and artistic quality was really cool. I still don't reccomend it though.

I got to work in the sewing room all day on Saturday. after I got up at 11:30... on accident. I mean it, I had planned on getting up at 9. I must've needed the extra sleep. So this is what I'm working on now. I decided the previous calendar contest piece I started wasn't that great. I'll probably finish it, but not for the contest. I decided to stick with the same theme, my dog Olive, but in a different scene. This was her favorite spot, sitting in front of the patio door with her nose inbetween the vertical blinds. She would sit there and watch, until she saw something, anything move (which is pretty often when you live in an apartment building) and she would FREAK OUT! she jumped all over the place barking and growling and snarling. You can't even imagine how awful a scene it was. The people outside thought it was hilarious. Especially when they got to see me trying to make her stop. So anyway... Here she is looking out the window.

The finished piece has to be either 12 or 14 inches square (this one is 12). but what I have done so far is 5 by 6. So I have some decisions to make about the outside border. The original plan was to do sortof a log cabin thing with a lot of different colored scraps. But I started laying it out adn it just takes focus away from Olive. So I think I like that overdyed purple fabric with a not so black small border right around the picture part, instead of the blue. Then I can do some hand stitching on the purple border.

Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions?

Saturday night Ryan and I went out to Bennigan's for dinner. (If Bennegins is supposed to be an Irish Pub, why is half the menu Cajun? Everything has cajun spice in it.) It was very good despite the not-so-great service on this particular night. Then we were going to go to Toys R Us to get some ideas for Christmas presents for his 3-1/2 year old nephew. We didn't get there in time, they were going to close in 10 minutes, so we didn't go in. We went to Borders instead and browsed books. Me in the knitting section and him in the automotive section (which happen to be right next to each other, so when I spotted a picture of a cocker spaniel wearing a home-made sweater, I could show him and say, "see, this is why I need a dog"). So we each left with a couple things and some coffee (white chocolate mocha, yum!). I bought my first ever knitting magazine and took some notes on a couple things I can put on my Christmas list.

I told Ryan that I was going to make him watch The Music Man or Bye Bye Birdie. Some kind of chick flick to make up for what we watched the night before. He said something like, "we can watch whatever you want" and then I told him that all the movies I rattled off were musicals and he scrunched up his nose. We ended up watching Saturday Night Live, I wouldn't make him watch musicals, I know he hates them and it would not be fun for me to watch them like that. I learned the hard way when we went to see RENT together. I had seen it twice before, and loved it, but he did not enjoy it even a little bit.

Sunday we carved pumpkins at my parents house. The farm we bought the pumpkins at had baby pigs, chickens, two turkeys, bunnies, goats and a llama. We got to pet the goats, and a bunny, the llama didn't want anything to do with us.

Here we are from left to right, Jack-o-Ryan, Candice-o-lantern and Jack-o-Mom-o-Lantern.

Oh yeah, and meet Dinger... my virtual pet (see side-bar).


more shibori

I dyed three more half yards of fabric last night. All Shibori. I really like shibori dying. It's so easy and you come out with such neat fabrics. This time I painted two pieces light pink, then wrapped and scrunched them on the pvc and painted one with purple and the other with mocha/brown. The third piece I did light kiwi and then darker avocado on top. (so far, all the dyes I've used for this next project all have names of fruit except for the mocha, which is a beverage... Mocha, Eggplant, Kiwi, Avocado. Avocado is a fruit right?)

So, here's a pic of ALL my shibori for this project.

And here are the two pieces I painted on Tuesday.

I might use that purple/green one, but I doubt it. and I will not be using the red/purp/brown one, it reminds me of Freddy Krueger.

The OSU stuff was sent out today, here are a couple shots of the finished items that will be up for Auction at the OSU game. Proceeds will be going to Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. I hope no one tells the bidders they were made by a girl who lives a mile from Michigan Stadium! That doesn't mean I'm a fan though. I hate football.

I am relieved to have those OSU things done. It was one of the more difficult things I've worked on lately. I think because I had such a limited knowledge of Football and Ohio State football specifically, and also because I only had about two weeks to work on it, which is my own fault. Now I can focus on my next project with the SHibori fabrics. I think I am going to do a variation on a log cabin quilt for this. I thought of it last night before I fell asleep, and amazingly still remembered it in the morning, so it must be a good idea.

In other exciting news... As you may now, I've been playing these $5 bingo scratch off lottery tickets. Here's a tally so far...
Bought one: -$5 Won $10
Bought one: -$5 Won $20
Bought two: -$10 Won $10
Bought four: -$20 Won $100, yes, I said one hundred. I won a hundred dollars on a scratch off ticket! wooohoooo! So fifty of it is going to my mom, who is going to hide it from me until I have to pay my renters insurance. I'll take probably $20 of it and buy four more tickets and the rest will just go into my wallet for whatever random thing I need cash for. I checked online and the $300,000 winning ticket is still out there. It will be mine, bwa ha ha... IT WILL BE MINE.

Looking forward to the weekend, I don't have anything exciting planned, but just looking forward to NOT going to work. The more blogs I read while I'm here at work, the more annoyed and more jealous I get. I just want to be home sewing or knitting or weaving or dying fabric... anything other than sitting at this desk in front of this computer waiting for something to do. So, all this talk of lottery tickets and money, it's not that I am greedy, it is that I hate working. I can't think of a single job I could get up before the sun for and be happy about it. Unless I can do it in my pj's and at home. So that is my goal in all this lottery talk. I either have to win the lottery, get famous real quick or find a rich guy and marry him. That third one wouldn't be a problem if I weren't already in love.


A hard night's work

I got a good amount of work done tonight at school. I dyed 4 half-yards (aka two yards) of fabric. I did two shibori pieces; I painted each piece first with dye, light eggplant on one and light kiwi on the other. Then while they were still wet with dye I wrapped them around a pvc pipe, somewhat loosely, then scrunched it all toward the middle. I let it sit for about 10 minutes before I painted on the darker of each color. They sat for about an hour while I painted some stripes on two more half yard pieces. I rinsed and washed the two shibori pieces and spun them out in the washer at school. at this point it was about 8:30 (class is technically over at 8:20) so I brought them home and hung them in the bathroom to air dry.

I left the other two pieces at school, I'll rinse them out on Thursday.

Over the weekend, I worked on the baby booties. I cast on and frogged over and over, just sorta practicing the ribbing. But I kept getting weak spots in the yarn, I would be knitting along and all of a sudden, the strand in my right hand would just fall apart, and I'd have to knot it and keep going. I was sortof expecting this to be a practice bootie anyway, but I did want to use the so cute and so soft pink alpaca fleece yarn I already had 3 skeins of. I only had about 4 rows of ribbing that actually looked ALMOST perfect and I had 3 knots in it where the yarn had come apart. So I finally gave up. I took it off the needles and threw it at Ryan and exclaimed, "this yarn SUCKS!" The next day I showed the yarn to my mom and we examined the skein and we found little areas that must be moth holes. unfortunatley, this is second hand yarn, no way of knowing where it's been, how old it is etc. So I threw all 3 skeins away. I COULD unravel the skein and see if the center of it is usable, but that is too much work.

So we made a trip to not one, not two, but three places to buy yarn. hehehe. First stop was Knit A Round in Ann Arbor. We petted every different kind of yarn there twice or more, but didn't buy anything. Then we ventured over to Flying Sheep, on the other side of Ann Arbor (did I mention it was a UofM home game Saturday? yes, we are brave). I had the bootie pattern with me and we consulted the woman working the register there and she helped us figure out what kinds of yarn we could use and still follow the pattern exactly and how much yarn we would need. So I picked out a nice soft lavendar, which I think I'll only need one skein of. and there was this SOOOOOOO cute fringey yarn that matched perfectly, so I had to get some and I think I'll add a few rows of that in the ribbing.

And the third stop was JoAnn Etc. I think we have the best and biggest JoAnn store. I can go and wander for a long time there. I try to never go without a 40% coupon and I can't leave without buying something. So this trip, I left with a HUGE skein of variegated purple yarn to make a baby blanket. this honker has almost 900 yards on it! such a steal at only $7.99. perfect for a baby blanket that will be washed and spit up on and washed some more and who knows what else.

Yes, that bowl used to have chocolate ice cream in it. Don't ask me where it went, I don't know.


That's "MISS Ambitious" to you!

I am a VERY beginning knitter. as of last week I only knew how to knit, but then over the weekend my lis' sis' was home from Asheville and she taught me how to purl. So yesterday, I printed out a couple knitting patterns from the internet including, some baby afghans, a baby poncho and two different patterns for baby booties. No, I'm not pregnant, but Ryan's sister is. Since Ryan's mom is a quilter extraordinaire, I am not going to quilt a baby blanket for her. I decided I either have to weave or knit a baby blanket, but now I'm thinking cute little pink booties will be even cuter. and maybe a blanket too... we'll see. So last night I pulled out a skein of pink yarn and cast on the number of stitches one of the bootie patterns called for, then started to figure out on my own the K1, P1, K1, P1. I did two rows like that, but it didn't look like any baby bootie ribbing I'd ever seen, so I called Shannon, turns out she was doing homework at the bar with a friend, haha. Shannon explained to me how to knit and purl within the same row. I was using circular needles and when switching between K and P, I was pulling the yarn through the middle of the needles (reaching thru the circle) which apparently, is WRONG. so she told me how to do it and I did about 3 or 4 rows and lost track of my K's and P's. I frogged it a couple times and started over. it's ok though. Baby isn't due till February, I have plenty of time to either 1. learn to knit baby booties or 2. scrap the freakin' booties and make a baby blanket. But I have every intention of going toward #1.

As for the moonflowers and the finished critique... it went well. Teacher was pleased except kept saying that she didn't like the quilting I did in the moon. I quilted off-center concentric circles. which... in my defense, were much less visible under the lighting of my sewing room. But a lot of the students in the class weren't bothered by them. I think they are a tad too geometric for the rest of the piece, but it's kinda too late to do anything about it. if I rip out those stitches, the needle holes will still be there because I used Heat'n'Bond instead of wonder under. I suppose I could add more stitching on top of what is already there in a more flowing, stippleing stitch. we'll see. maybe I'll hang it up in my apt. so I have to look at it every day, then maybe I'll come up with a good way to fix it.

I got into a really loud heated conversation about class with my mom on the phone last night. We weren't fighting, it was mostly me being annoyed/pissed at my teacher. I just can't handle people that interrupt. So far, my teacher seems to be the Queen of interrupting. Not only does she cut the speaker off, but she doesn't even stick with the subject. It's liek thoughts are coming into her brain so fast that she has to spit them out before they are gone forever. But it jsut shows me that she is not even listening to what the other person is saying, since she is changing the subject when she interrupts and that she has absolutely no respect for anyone.

Want some examples? ok, I have examples. (oh man, I can feel it, I'm getting all worked up about it again)
1. at the critique Tuesday night, I was explaining my piece. One of the students had a question about the process of free-motion quilting, she had never done it and wanted to try. While I was listening to her question, the teacher says in a louder voice, "What are you going to do with the flowers?". I just looked at her, probably gave her the evil eye, and went back to listening to my classmate.
2. After the crit last night, I asked teacher if she wanted us to turn our pieces in to her, or if we could take them with us. Her reply, "Oh, I was going to bring my camera, I forgot." and then she kept rambling on about that w/o answering my question. I waited until she was done and asked again, "so are we leaving these with you?". Her reply, "Oh, Ann got us the display cases in the hallway so we can hang our work in there." Ok, that's not really an answer either. So I took my piece home with me. I certainly am not going to leave something I've been working on for 4 weeks with someone who can't give me a yes or no answer whether they want to take it to grade it or not.

Now I know for sure that my problem with this new teacher is not related to my problem with change in general. It's not that it's change I don't like, it's that this change is not a good one. I read something on Karoda's blog that I think I need to adopt as my new mantra for a while. "if you don't change, life will change you" and "the only people who don't change are 6 feet under". So true, but so hard for me for some reason. I just don't want the good times to end I guess.



Despite my superb ability to procrastinate and come up with excuses for what I think needs to be done before I can get to work, my moonflowers are finished. I had one evening to finish it, which shouldn't have been a problem. But I had the hardest time getting myself into the sewing room to work on it. The plan was the go right home and work on it until it was done.

Since I was out of milk, bread, granola bars, chocolate pudding, etc. I decided I needed some groceries. So I spent an hour after work at Meijer, got home and put the groceries away and ate dinner (which was already made in the crock pot, good for me for thinking ahead! I knew I wouldn't have time to cook after work). So then I had a mess in the kitchen so I did dishes, took out the trash and the recycling. Then moved on to clean the dining room, I had about two weeks worth of random papers and receipts and things on the dining room table, including my cutting mat, rotary cutter and ruler that had been there since Saturday. After the apartment was sufficiently clean, I mosied on into the bedroom and changed into my big comfy sweatshirt, put my hair up and then went into the bathroom to take my contacts out. I wanted to wear my glasses in case I had more needle breaking problems. They aren't safety glasses in the least, but there's less of a chance a broken needle will fly into my eye than if I were wearing contacts, which offer no protection at all. Then, FINALLY I made it into the sewing room at about 8 and didn't stop until about 11 for a break to lay on the floor and stretch my back. Then back to it after a 15 minute rest and chat on the phone with my man. I was determined to finish it, I wasn't going to go to bed until it was done. and that's what I did.
(this picture is a tad dark)

Here it is, it is finished! I stayed up until 12:30 last night getting it done because I have to turn it in tonight. I am very pleased. I decided to put stitching on everything, I was thinking about leaving the moon and the ground area without quilting, but I didn't want the ground to be a focal point, which I think would be the result of no quilting in one area, it would make it stand out. And I just put some big nested circles (off-center of course) in the moon, I think it makes it look more spherical.

detail of the ground, flower and leaves

detail of the sky

So tonight is the finished critique. It will be interesting to see what everyone has done to finish their pieces. The class is a mix of 15 people, but we are not all at the same level and technically there are about 5 different classes all being held at the same time, in the same room, with the same teacher. So everyone is working on something completely different. There are 3 beginning weavers, 3 surface designers (just beginning to learn to dye, discharge, screen print etc.) then there are the advanced classes that are more on their own, coming up with their own projects and what they want to learn individually. That's where I am. So today's assignment for myself while I'm here at work is to write my 2nd project proposal. I've never had to write a proposal for any art class before this semester. It kindof works against the way I work. I have somewhat of an idea, this next project is going to be geometric, and I want to do some piecing and some fusing. I also want to dye some more PVC Shibori and use that in contrast with some more solid colors. But that is all I know. I wonder if that is enough of a proposal for my teacher. I guess it is going to have to be, huh?

I like to take 5 or so yards of fabric and dye them, see what I get and then design my work from that, let the fabric inspire me by whatever colors I am in the mood to dye that day. It kind of feels like she is pushing her personal methods on us. She is a note-taker, she keeps gobs and gobs of notebooks on every project or method or technique etc. she's ever done. I am just not that way. I don't plan things out that much and I don't like to do practice pieces or "test" things. I just leap in and do it. Which, doesn't always work, but I learn from it at least. (see post 10.8.2005 for a good example)

I can't believe it is Thursday already! The week sure flies by when you have stuff going on every night of the week.


screwed up

My blog seems to be a bit screwed up. I was updating some things and must have accidentally deleted something important. Whatever part of the code that makes the light pink go all the way down the window must've been moved or deleted. oops! Now I guess I have to save all my blog ring-codes and everything else and re-do my template.

This reminds me of the time I adopted my family's old pc for myself. I set it up in my bedroom, hooked it up to the internet (dial-up at the time) and proceeded to delete all traces of it ever being someone else's computer. So anything I didn't recognize or didn't need got trashed. The next day, I looked at the screen and it was black with a bunch of pixelated splotches of color where the icons should have been. Yeah, must've deleted something really important. This messed up blog is not quite as big a deal though, thankfully.

The critique last night went well. The Moonflowers were well recieved, everyone gave me compliments. I went in with some questions about finishing it, but left with no answers. Somehow the subject got changed or somethinhg, but I didn't get answers. So I am on my own tonight. Have to finish it tonight because I have to bring it back in on Thursday for the finished crit. So I'll let you know more after that... for now... time to fix the blog. grrr...


A revelation

I can't believe how much crap is out there on the internet. I have spent the last hour or so looking for a good webring to add to my website. I do belong to one webring that is a fiber art/contemporary art quilt ring, but it's not bringing any traffic of people who want to buy anything from me. So I went in search of some kind of e-commerce or gift shop ring. I found tons and tons, but in perusing the other sites that belong to the rings, I don't really want to join any of them. SO many people just have ad farms (sites with nothing but money making schemes, affiliate ads, etc.). I guess I need to keep looking.

Critique on the Moonflowers is tonight. it is an in-process critique, which is good because it isn't done yet. I sewed on it for a couple hours on Sunday but broke 5 or 6 needles in less than 10 minutes, then on that 7th needle it started to sew ok for a while. I put some of the veins on the leaves and drew on the flowers with chalk where I want to add more detail. That should be good enough for tonight, I'll finish it Wednesday after work, then take it back in for a finished critique on Thursday. I am very pleased with it so far and anxious to show it off and get instant feedback and some advice on a few things. I'm wondering if it should have a border or not. I was thinking I would just bind it like a quilt, but I dont' think I want any border on it, even if it is only 1/2" wide. Also I was thinking about not doing any quilting in the moon. I think it will make it stand out more. we'll see what the class has to say about all that. Then I can choose to take their advice or ignore them. bwa ha ha ha!

I spent some time at work on my 100 things about me list on Friday and Monday. it is posted here in the sidebar>>>
It was not as hard as I thought it would be. I actually thought of more than 100 things...but decided not to show off. ;) hehe


Should have been a productive day, but...

I had a list of things I wanted to do today while home and able. I didn't accomplish any of them, but did manage to get something done today.

The other night, I remembered a project that I promised a friend. I agreed to make a quilt with the theme of Ohio State University Football. It would be donated by me, to be auctioned off for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. I agreed back in JULY that I would do this. Thursday night, I remembered that I should have been working on it all this time. So Friday morning in the shower I planned it all out in my head, and even thought I would make a handfull of 4 by 6 pieces to donate as well.

Well, that is what I've been working on today.
This was the plan:

This is where it is now:

I didn't do any measuring, except to get the O onto my release paper. then I just started cutting out triangles. Not realizing that I had to have a few that were exactly isocoleze or whatever, kind of like a keystone arch... you have to have one on each side that has a center symmetry line, because now as I get farther from the center of the one side all my points are getting funky. so it needs a major re-haul. maybe tomorrow... ugh.

As I was trying to figure all that out, my mom stopped over and we brainstormed a bit. Then we went out for "brain food" haha, hardly! McDonalds. Man, that shit is so good, but OH SO BAD! After she left, I decided to let the O quilt sit for the night and I got on the computer and listed some things on ebay. Some Silk Noil yarn I ordered and don't like and some other random things I don't want any more, none of them fiber related.

Ryan and I are going out to see "Corpse Bride" tonight. The new Tim Burton stop-animation movie. I think it has been about two years since we went to a movie in a theater! it is just so expensive. Guess I should go put some makeup on and maybe change my clothes. Definitely will have to take off the fuzzy purple slippers.



Ok, I am reluctant to post this. It is spot on, painfully true and DULL!
You are dishcloth cotton.
You are Dishcloth Cotton.
"You are a very hard worker, most at home when you're at home. You are thrifty and seemingly born to clean. You are considered to be a Plain Jane, but you are too practical to notice."

It's true. I am a hard worker, love to be at home, like things and myself to be clean, and maybe I am a plain jane. But man, "dishcloth cotton" that sounds dirty or something. like, people use me to scrub their countertops, and who knows what else.

Maybe I'll go back and change a few answers... see if anything better comes up. ;)

You are Merino Wool.
You are Merino Wool.
"You are very easygoing and sweet. People like to keep you close because you are so softhearted. You love to be comfortable and warm from your head to your toes."

ok, this is also true... and much more flattering. so that's what we're going with. I am Merino Wool.


Bad student, bad!

I could give a list of reasons why I didn't stay at school tonight, but, well, I don't have to! I did GO to school... I stayed for a whole 30 minutes and socialized, chatted with the teacher and turned in my two pieces to display during the studio open house tomorrow. I had every intention of going home and working on my moonflowers, since I have JUST realized today that the critique is a week from today. Good news: the first critique is an "in process" critique, with a finished crit to follow on Thursday.

So instead of going right home, I went shopping. I did very well at holding myself back. I went specifically to find my mom's birthday present. I didn't find what I was looking for, but I found something that I think she'll like. I can't give any details, in case she reads this! I got home at about 7:15 and cooked, ate dinner and watched a little tv until 8:30 or so. THEN found my way into the sewing room. Which, is ok! becuase... ta da... here it is, ready for quilting.

I love it so far. I hope I don't screw it up with my machine quilting.

Other than that, it was just another uneventful day at the office. Which at times, is better than an eventful day.


Oh help me!!! I want to buy yarn, lots of it, I want to recieve packages and boxes just bursting with hand dyed yarn. I am just drooling over this beautiful, all naturally dyed yarn at http://www.naturaldyestudio.homestead.com/ it is just great. I've orderd some skeins from them in the past and just love it. The silk noil is so soft and pretty. I have a plan for all of it. I also need some silk cocoons for that project too. Do I have any money to buy any of it? uh... no. so I will continue to drool at my computer screen and try not to get any in the keyboard or on the mouse. Especially since I'm at work, and occassionally, other people use my computer.


Better than nothing

Well, this is about all I accomplished over the weekend. None of the leaves or stems are fused down yet, waiting till I have all the pieces cut out and lined up before I press any of it.

I have been having lots of people visiting my website, it's very exciting. I still am not sure that all my email links work though. It makes me a little nervous that I haven't even gotten a "hi, I like your stuff" email. Which means, either no one is polite enough to send me one or that some people have but my links don't work. Oh pleeeeease let the links be working! I don't know how to fix them if they don't!!!

I signed up to an affiliate program last week. Since I am new at this, I am a little wary of the process. After I gave them my info, they sent me a W-9 to fill out and return to them. That feels like a big deal and major commitment. If anyone knows any more info about that, can I pick your brain?