The ink is dry

We signed all the papers, got the keys and some money that was part of the deal (towards a new roof) today. We had lunch with my mom and then headed to our respective homes to load up some preliminary moving items. I wanted to get my loom over to the house and Ryan wanted to get his motorcycle and tools over today. Mom and I intended on cleaing the house today while it was still for the most part empty, but we cleaned the windows and called it done. The previous owners cleaned it pretty well before they left.

So this is my last night in my apartment, my last night of sleeping alone and my last post in my apartment before I shut down and pack up the computer. We don't plan on signing up for cable or internet service right away. We are going to be so busy with unpacking, getting settled and doing our respective hobbies, that cable tv and internet is going to be fairly low on the list. Plus, it's a big expense every month and we want to make sure we aren't spending more than we have to while we're figuring out what all our bills will be like and all that fun stuff of home ownership. Not to mention all the nickel and dime things that will come along that we'll need/want to do to the house.

So, I won't have access to the internet again until I go back to work on Tuesday... OH MY GOD... Will I survive?!

I have to say that Yarn Harlot picked the WRONG day to come to Ann Arbor. She will be here on Sunday at the Library for a reading/signing and I know I will be busy at the house setting up everything and unpacking and as much as I REALLY want to go see her, I know I won't want to leave my new house for a couple hours for it.

That is all for now, pictures of the house and my new sewing room will come in due time.


One more week of...

  • Living alone

  • Noisy neighbors

  • This lovely view from my bedroom window

  • Parking in a parking lot

  • The wonderful blasts of screamin' hot water in the shower when a neighbor flushes the toilet

  • Squeeky floors and bed noises in the bedroom above mine

  • Annoying, over-sensitive car alarms in the middle of the night

  • Going to Mom and Dad's to do laundry

  • My small hallway of a kitchen

  • The heavy-footed people in the stairwell

We close next Friday. We had one more speed bump to overcome last week, but that is past us, and now the only thing to do is finish packing and get really really excited.


**Insert clever title here**

What a crazy week it's been. Nothing too frustrating, stressful or worrisome has been going on, but with the holiday on a Tuesday, it kind of messed up the whole week. Saturday Ryan and I went to a birthday party at his parents' house, which is usually a Sunday destination for us, so Saturday really felt like it was Sunday. Sunday actually felt like Sunday because I had to work on Monday. I left work early on Monday because there was no one else there and no one was calling because I think I was the only person in Michigan (and some of Ohio) that had to work on Monday. So since I left early and didn't have to work the next day, it made it kinda feel like a Friday. Then Tuesday was the holiday, so that felt like another Sunday because it was a day off and I did have to work the next day. Then on Wednesday, thinking the rest of the week would be getting back to normal, felt like a Monday. Thursday felt like Friday and Friday felt like a Wednesday for some reason. I can't really explain why today didn't feel like Friday, but believe me I was glad when I finally realized it.

The ratio of Yarn:Bills in today's mail made me extremely happy. I ordered some yarn from Elann.com on Monday. It came in the mail today. They are so quick and affordable. I got 3 skeins of a reddish/maroon and one skein of pumpkiny orange 100% peruvian wool to make a French Market Bag from Knitty. I'm kindof planning projects and hordeing yarn, I'm anticipating a... um... financial shortage coming. So I think I need to buy yarn while I can. Stockpile, ya know.

So tonight, I almost finished a sock. Just need to kichener it up.

BUT... The book that holds the mystery of the kichener stitch is packed somewhere in this mess of boxes and bags. That sounds like a project to tackle tomorrow.

I haven't used the kichener stitch enough to memorize it, I still need to read the instructions out of my sock-shaped sock book.

And the BEST most exciting thing I've been waiting and waiting for...

It's real, I really did graduate. Having not participated in the commencement ceremony and since it is summer whether I would be taking classes in the fall or not, it still isn't really real to me that I don't have to go back in the fall, or ever.


Third time's the charm

I haven't posted because we've still been busy house hunting. The one I talked about last time was not for us. We made an offer, but ours wasn't the only one. We had a chance to counter offer, but the other offer was still higher and they accepted that one. Which, we have found out is a good thing, because our panicked counter-offer was too high for our income and we would have been broke after a couple months. I think we were getting a little too greedy and picky, we looked at at least 25 houses. A lot of them out of our price range, hoping we could offer less. So, we made an offer on a house that was actually our "first choice" for a couple days before we saw the other two that we made offers on. This one is a perfect starter house. We made the offer Friday evening and got a call about three hours later that our offer was accepted as written!!! I will have a studio in the finished basement, near the laundry room where I can do my dying. The yard is very large and we are only a couple blocks from town. We close at the end of the month, so I still have about 4 weeks to finish packing. Which really means, I can think about packing for 3 weeks, and actually start on the 4th week. It also means I have only 3 days to move out of my apartment and clean it and do any cleaning at the new house and get everything into it. No problem, right?

I've been working on a sock and started the Lotus Blossom Tank in the latest Interweave Knits. I'm using Elisebeth Lavold Silky Wool in pink. I'm almost done with the first lace repeat and it isn't too hard. I've only had to tink back one round so far. The lace pattern is not repetitive enough to be done while watching tv, movies or with any other distractions. This is "alone time" knitting; which is why I'm not farther into it after two weeks.