It has been slow going on the web site. I changed all my pictures from .jpg to .gif over the weekend, and replaced them all on the web page files in Dreamweaver. Tonight though, my goal is to finish hand stitching the binding on this quilt. I started it about two years ago and had it all put together, but had to take it apart. I had the binding on it before machine quilting it, so the edges were all bunched up and not pretty.

The fabric was dyed using two different chemicals. First I painted the fabric with black dye. After that dried, I used another type of chemical mixed with yellow dye and drew the circles and put purple dots in the centers. The second set of chemicals bleaches out the black and puts the yellow and purple in it's place. Unfortunately, I can't remember what any of those chemicals are called.

I am leaving for vacation on Thursday, so I think I will save the uploading of my website for after Labor Day when I return to Michigan. I want to be home and able to check my email and respond to the hundreds, if not thousands, of people that will want to send me money and requests for commission work! haha, never hurts to be optimistic!

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