One more week of...

  • Living alone

  • Noisy neighbors

  • This lovely view from my bedroom window

  • Parking in a parking lot

  • The wonderful blasts of screamin' hot water in the shower when a neighbor flushes the toilet

  • Squeeky floors and bed noises in the bedroom above mine

  • Annoying, over-sensitive car alarms in the middle of the night

  • Going to Mom and Dad's to do laundry

  • My small hallway of a kitchen

  • The heavy-footed people in the stairwell

We close next Friday. We had one more speed bump to overcome last week, but that is past us, and now the only thing to do is finish packing and get really really excited.

1 comment:

Karoda said...

I swear they resemble my own apartments very closely...I always thought I would be an apartment dweller, but I tell ya, when its over its over! I absolutely hate it now! Congrats on the new home!