Hey, remember me?

We don't have internet at home still and now that I don't get paid to sit in front of the internet all day, I have gotten out of my old internet obsessions. I haven't even been able to read Harlot since October! I do have her latest book to read still though. Any way... Thought I would catch up with a quick post. We have a new addition to our little family, her name is Bella. She was born 9-14-06 and we adopted her from a shelter that was at the Novi Pet Expo the weekend of November 17. Here are some pictures of her from the first couple days we had her.

She was pretty stinky, so we ended up giving her a bath the first night.

And here we are hanging out on the couch.

She is a Sheltie mix, We aren't sure what she's mixed with, so we don't know how big she'll get. She was 6 pounds last week, probably up to 8 now. It's been almost a month since we got her and she is doing really well. She sleeps with us and is our new licking and biting and barking alarm clock. 7:30 is perfect during the week, but she can't differentiate between a tuesday and a sunday.

In other news... I'm still working at home, which means I spend all my time in the sewing room working and when the work is done, I don't want to be in there anymore. So, no new art to show off for now. And now that Bella is here, there isn't much knitting happening either. A couple more months and she'll be better around the needles and knitting. Right now anything that is within reach is a toy. Including our socks, my purple fuzzy slippers, a gardening glove she found in the yard, and used dryer sheets. She'll pretty much play with anything that she can carry away.

That's all for now. Christmas is coming and only one person is for sure getting anything home made. The trekking socks, well, it is still just one sock, not a pair yet. They will be wrapped and under the tree whether finished or not. More likely 'NOT'. I will try to post at least once a month for now, but I think we'll be getting the internet at home soon.

HOpe everyone had a lovely thanksgiving and that you all have a great Christmas too!

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