Don't I know you?

One night last week, my mom and I were in a Chinese restaurant. We were sitting in a booth along the wall, waiting for our food when the people in the booth in the corner stood up and walked past us toward the cahsier. One of the older men that walked by looked familiar...

Me: Where have I seen that guy?
Me: OH MY GOD!!! I have seen that guy naked!
Mom: WHA?
Me: That guy standing at the counter, I've seen him naked! He was one of our Life Drawing models in school!
Mom: {Cringe} Oh god... I recognize him from your drawings!!!

We spent the next 10 minutes cringing and saying "ewwww!"

I suffered through that class. It was 15 looooooong weeks of drawing naked people and being ridiculed and tormented by the instructor.

Hey, I said I TOOK the class, I didn't say I was good at it.


Shannon said...

Lindsay: "Shannon, you should pose naked for a drawing class, I think you can make pretty good money doing that."
Me: "Yeah, but my sister says they try to get people who don't have perfect bodies because they're harder to draw. So there goes that idea."
haha :-)

kirsty said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !! We are nearly peeing ourselves here! That is SO funny!! (esp. because so many of us have done life drawing classes, so it's close to home!)

Deb said...

Haha - that was a fun night. But, don't you remember that I asked you how you recognized him with his clothes on? Yuck.