I just now got around to uploading the pictures from this weekend from my camera to the computer. So here was our set up for jeopardy watching...

The view from Shannon's front door looking out onto the porch. As you can see, Leah was not as excited about this arrangement as Shannon and I were.

And the view from my seat on the porch.



Tiffany said...

Hi! I totally see the genius of your porch set up. I am currently stalking yarn and fiber stores in the Detroit/Utica area. I am not sure if you are anywhere near that area, but if you have any suggestions as to yarn stores in the area I would really appreciate it. I am visiting the area in a few weeks and what is a trip without yarn shopping! Tiffany

Deb said...

When I was at Shannons last week, we busted our butts and planned our whole day to be back at the apartment to watch Cash Cab at 5:00. Then when 5:00 came, we discovered that it was on at 6:00. We sat there and waited and then we both ended up falling asleep and missed the whole hour show. I wish we would have thought to put the tv in the doorway and sit outside. Maybe next time. Poo.