New cure for Migraines

Anyone who has known me for more than a week knows that I get headaches... a lot of headaches. Eye strain, stress, not eating well or often, sleeping in an awkward position, wearing my hair too tight, wearing a tight hat... all these things will give me headaches, but not consistently of course. So yesterday, I felt one coming and took two advil at about 5:00 on my way to school. I got home around 8:00 and ate some dinner and the thumping in my head was slowly getting worse. I took two more Advil and went to bed at around 11. I woke up this morning with a POUNDING head, it was probably about 5:45, but I didn't look at the clock. I laid there for a while with the song "Captain Vegetable" from Sesame Street stuck in my head. (Yes, I have the kind of memory that can't remember the formula for the Force of Gravity, but I can remember a song from a show I watched 20 years ago; which is why I am an artist, not a physicist, doctor, or rocket scientist... I'm getting off topic.) So, I laid there for about 15 minutes and kept thinking, "the alarm will go off any second... I... am captain vegetable... eating crunchy vegetables is good for me... and it's good for you so eat them too, eat celery and carrots by the bunch! 3 cheers for me, captain vegetable!!!! CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH! ok, any second now my alarm will go off." So after the alarm didn't go off, I got up to take something for my head. It was 6:00 or so. I took two excedrin migraine and got back in bed. Usually the strong stuff takes at least 20 minutes to work, so I laid down thinking I'd fall asleep, sleep for 40 minutes till the alarm goes off at 7 and have no headache.... 20 minutes later I just got up. I couldn't fall back asleep with the pounding, my eyes were wide open, and I was daydreaming of a knitting pattern to draw up. So I sat on the couch, watched the news and finished one of these Ugg booties for Matteson. The other one just needs the trim sewn on and the seam sewn up. By 7:30 when I was uploading these pics (when I should have been getting ready for school and work), my headache was gone. So there you go, Excedrin Migraine + Ugg Booties = Miracle headache cure.

Last night was the critique for my remazol whole-cloth quilt, it went very well. No one had any suggestions or things they had issues with or wanted changed. Which is good, because there is probably nothing I could do about it if there were. Most of the people that had been watching me work on it the past two weeks hadn't seen it finished yet, and when they saw it hanging, their mouths dropped open and they gasped... so that's a good sign! I am quite pleased. Here is a detail shot of the hand stitching that I've started. I told the teacher there is no way I'll have it done by mid-April for the last day of class, but I told her my final goal is to send it to Quilt National in September, so I will definitely finish it by then. And I'll bring it in at the end of the semester in-progress. (please excuse the chalk lines in the photo)

One of the many things on the needles now, a new sock. 100% wool, hand-dyed with plants and stuff from Natural Dye Studio . Using a pattern from my sock-shaped sock book.


Dianna in Maui said...

Oh, Candice, I can sympathize! In fact, yesterday I felt one coming on in the afternoon: twinge behind the shoulder blade that creeps up the neck - took two Advil and had it at bay. Still felt the "shadow effects" of it before I went to bed, so thought, I'll just take my 2 Excedrin Migraine and it will be gone before morning. Sadly, not to be - woke up at 3:45 a.m. with a doozy. It's finally starting to go away and it's 1:15. I'm seeing the neurologist next week for some heavy-duty stuff. I don't want to be caught without any ammunition the time the next big one hits. BLEAGH! Glad you are feeling better!

Elle said...

That "Ugg" bootie is too cute and the hand stitching looks very nice.