Spring break!

I am back in Michigan and I am so glad I took the whole week off work. It's like going on vacation and then coming home and having another one where you get to sleep in your own bed and take advantage of your free time and get some stuff done. It's great. Even though I pretty much wasted yesterday. I don't know what I did, but the day is gone and I don't have much to show for it. Anyway... Here are pictures from Pisgah National Forest.

It was beautiful, it was a little chilly, especially so close to the big waterfall, but the sun felt great and we were just so excited to be outside and not thinking (or saying to each other) things like, "ahhh, I am sooooo c-c-cold" or "F*** it's FREEEEZING". See, we're outside AND smiling!

I got to go to a lot of yarn stores and I spent A LOT of money. $60 of it was my christmas gift from Ryan though, so that doesn't count. Isn't Ryan just the best for tolerating so many yarn stores in only 3 days! On our way home we had to drive through his hometown where his family lives, so we stopped in for a visit. When they asked him what he did on his vacation he said, "whatever Candice and Shannon wanted to do". What a guy.

Shown here (clockwise from upper left) is 3 skeins of pima/tencel (probably for socks), 2 balls of soy silk (maybe for socks), 1 skein of laceweight merino that I will be dying, maybe for a shawl or something, 1 lonely ball of a mix of fibers just to have, 4 balls of variegated chunky wool that I will weave for a scarf, 2 balls karaoke wool that might be a scarf, or something to felt, and the most exciting of them all, one ball of Trekking XXL sock yarn! I have been searching online to buy this but just haven't bought any and now I have some!!! I can't wait to start these socks, but they are in line after a couple other pair.

The solid fabric is 100% silk noil, the printed tree fabric is cotton.

I was leisurely knitting on the olympic skirt when I came to a section of knits that had one extra. I was about an inch past the last increase round. At first I thought maybe I had just accidentally been knitting instead of purling on that one stitch for the last 5 rounds, so I laddered down. The stitches came out and then stopped. I must have increased one extra stitch in that panel, so I have to frog about an inch of the skirt. I haven't touched it since Monday, I need some mental recouperation before I attempt to frog. So instead last night, I finished my first pair of socks! This entry is already chock full of pictures, I'll save the socks for another time.

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