not much to report

Not much of anything exciting has been going on, so here is a random bulletted list

  • I got an 89% on my second physics test

  • I have a desperate NEED to buy yarn online today

  • I got the RENT DVD for Christmas/birthday from my friend Rachel last weekend!

  • I finished the Ugg booties and started a second pair. Second PAIR syndrome is MUCH worse than second sock syndrome

  • I am now realizing how close the end of the semester is. Which is also the LAST SEMESTER EVER!

  • I have somehow built my bank account back up to where it was 3 years ago. I have not even tried, other than the not so successful "no new yarn in February" law. I just have been too busy with school and work and homework and family stuff that I haven't had time to go shopping. I got my tax refund, and I get paid 3 times in March! wahooo! All of these things make me think I can buy LOTS of yarn online, RIGHT NOW!

  • I get to spend time with Leah for 3 weekends in a row! That hasn't happened since at least 1998

  • I am going to go see a psychic and talk to my Spirit Guides on April 1st (never done anything like that before)

  • Starting my third and final textiles project for school tonight. It started out as an idea for a city skyline with all kinds of fabrics dyed with different processes, but now I am thinking a more abstract/geometric not quite foresty scene... just a row of trees. We'll see.

  • I have turned the heel and starting on the foot (after gusset decreases) on my sock

  • Shannon's birthday skirt has been neglected terribly since the end of the olympics. The end of May will come quickly and I will wonder where March and April went and why the hell I am rushing to finish a small and short skirt that I had 3 months to work on.

  • No pictures in this post because Ryan has my camera. He wanted to take pictures of his car engine before he started taking it apart so he would know where all the pieces go later.

I'll write more later when I have pictures and something interesting to say.

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