Thanks George

Now that I am officially into the last third of my LAST semester, I have finished the first project. (except for the hanging sleeve. Dammit, I just wanted to go to bed before midnight ONCE this week... ok?)

(sorry for the not so great picture)

Two weekends ago, I started quilting the X's. I straight stitched along the diagonal in one direction. Then I laid it out on the living room floor and layed the backing over the front. Pinned it really well, and then marked the top of the quilt so I could cut a long strip in the backing along the top. I used my seam ripper to cut a somewhat straight line thru JUST the backing fabric. Then I sewed around all four edges of the quilt and used the hole to turn it inside out, iron it and wunder under the hole closed. Then, as usual, I folded it up and left it for two weeks. Yesterday I decided was the day it gets finished. This week (although no different from all the weeks before it) has been extremely boring at work. There is just not enough here for me to do for 8 hours, plus, I am only here from about 11:30 till 5 on the two days I have school in the morning and there is still not enough to keep me busy for 8 hours. It is so frustrating to be stuck here with nothing to do but screw around on the internet, just for a pay check (for those of you who think I'm crazy for this last statement, just try it for a month or two, or 3 years, it gets boring fast). So that boringness is what motivated me to get the quilt done last night. So when I got home, I ate dinner and knitted on my sock for a bit until Good Eats was over, then went to the sewing room. I was in a mellow mood so I put George Harrison, All Things Must Pass into the stereo. So it was just me and George, finishing up the quilt. He is my favorite Beatle, definitely the cutest.

Here is one finished sock and a start on the 2nd of the pair. I really like the way it turned out. I'm glad I didn't do the regular ribbing pattern for this yarn, I think it would have striped funny and pooled. I haven't succumbed to S3 yet (second sock syndrome) because I get so excited to actually wear the socks I am making that I want to finish both so I can!

Progress on the skirt is nearly immeasurable. I think I've done one or two rounds this week. The stitches keep increasing every 3 inches, so now the rounds are over 400 stitches probably and it just takes forever to get around to the marker again. It's hard to stay interested.

This weekend is going to be SO FUN! I am going to the psychic on Saturday and then from there on to Grand Rapids to stay with Leah! We are going to knit and watch RENT and go to the yarn shops there and I am going to teach her to knit in the round and it will be just me and her and her two dogs, Billie and Jada. Girl time!!! fun! We have been looking forward to this for weeks! She signs online to talk to me while I'm at work and we just keep saying that we want it to be the weekend already! "Let's fast-forward this week so it can be Saturday FASTER"

It's funny, I always think I never have enough to blog about, but it always ends up being a long post. Maybe because I just sit here and ramble on and on, like a free-writing excercise... but not.

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