The End... happy and sad

I am finally going to finish quilting this wall hanging today.

I started it in May or June, which was about 6 months after I dyed the towels. It took me a long time to be sure on the design before I started cutting them up. As I mentioned in a previous post, I made this quilt out of kitchen towels that belonged to my Great Grandma. Who knows how many dishes, spills and kids' faces were wiped up with these towels in her 97 years.

I love working on this quilt. The fabric stretches and makes it impossible to quilt without buckles and wrinkles. The many many squares inside squares inside squares means spinning and spinning the quilt around the machine. But I love it. I get to think about Great Grandma the whole time. I get to think about her zuchini bread, banana bread, and fruit cakes that were heavy as lead. I get to think about dreading that incredibly wet kiss goodbye. I get to think about the time she hugged me, grabbed a hold of my love handles and said, "oh! got a little something extra back there dontcha?!"

I kinda don't want to finish it. But I will. Then I will hang it in my dining room, and look at it every day and think of her and her words of encouragement, her pride in her grand kids and great grandkids and...

her sense of humor.

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Elle said...

I LOVE her sense of humor too! ROFL! Great-grandmoms are the best!

I was very close to my great-grandmom. We would even watch music videos together. It's so nice to make something from what they owned, like having a piece of them with you.

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