On being productive

Well, it is amazing how much you can get done when you skip school. I drove to school last night right after work, chatted with my teacher for about 15 minutes and turned around and went home to work. Which amazingly, I did! I expected to come home and get distracted, but I got home and directed myself right to the sewing room, and got a lot done.

I prepared all the fabric I am going to need for the Moonflowers piece (except for some very light yellow and white that I still need to dye). And started to iron a piece of the Sapphire Blue that I low water immersion dyed for pieces of the sky, when I decided that I couldn't cut it. It looked so cool that I decided to use it whole for my sky, and hung it up and then started working on the moon. I got much farther than I had planned last night.
So, here it is so far...

As for my string of good luck... All I have to say is that I am blogging from work this morning. I am done playing Mega Millions. I am sticking to scratch off Bingo. At least with that, it's more like a game and at least you get the fun of scratching off your matching numbers. So I'll take my $20 winnings and buy four more tickets. If I don't win anything, I only lost $5 because that was my original investment. Or I could treat myself to a tank full of gas in my car... nah... that's no fun.

Here's a pic of my towels quilt hanging in my dining room. I love it!

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