a great Saturday

What an eventful day! I got up somewhat early this morning, 9:30 is the perfect time to get out of bed on a Saturday. I bummed around for a while and got to work in the sewing room at about 1:00. There is a contest I want to enter, so I started a piece just for that today. It is my first attempt at an all fused quilt. And at 14" square, it is a good warm up for the moonflowers quilt I have planned.

I got this 14-incher quilt done to the point it is ready to quilt! all in only about 5 hours, minus time for lunch and various pacing around the apartment breaks.

I also had time to go to the store and get a curtain rod and hang my finished quilt made out of dyed kitchen towels. I need to think of a good title for that still.

The piece I worked on today for the contest had a theme requirement... "how does your garden grow" which isn't actually a requirement to show a garden, it is supposed to show how you "nurtured yourself or others, what you have accomplished in your life, or work, something or someone you are proud to have cultivated..." So my choice for the subject... My dog, Olive. It is a long story and one that I don't want to relay at the moment. But I no longer have her.
I am NOT a pessimistic person, but sometimes, no matter how hard you work at something and despite your best intentions and hard work, things just can not turn out the way you want them to. So my piece for the contest is about Olive and my hope that some day, I will have another chance.

Working title: Can't keep my mind off you

I used an iron on transfer of a picture of Olive, but other than that, the rest is all hand dyed fabric. I'll probably start quilting it tomorrow. I am going to try to add a lot of texture and more detail with the quilting, it looks quite flat and dull at the moment I think.

I've been sitting at this computer since 10:30, working on updating a few pages of the website. I have a new home page, using my new fancy logo! yay!!!

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