A thought

I was thinking yesterday about my new logo and all the possibilities of making parts of my website out of fabric, scanning them in and adding text in Photoshop and Illustrator. And it occured to me that I could be doing this for other people as well. So many questions are floating around in my brain now.
~How much would I charge for such a service.
~Would I send the final fabric piece to the customer, or would I only send him or her a file by email or CD.
~Do I offer unlimited revisions of the logo even though fused and pieced fabric does not really lend itself to "undo" and "redo" quite as easily as a computer file in Photoshop does.
~Can I request that I be credited for the logo? Should they link to my website?
~Should I copyright it, or let them?

oh man, so much to think about.

I'm taking two of my old projects from previous semesters of Textiles to school tonight. My teacher wants to display some in the cases in the hallway. I couldn't decide between the two, so I'll let her decide. One is a pillowcase that hasn't been stuffed yet (even after two years).
<--full view of front


The other is Ma'at, the Egyptian Goddess of Truth that I finished about a year ago.

I think the only other exciting thing I have to report to the world is that I am a lucky girl lately. Saturday I bought a scratch-off lottery ticket and won $10. so with my $10 winnings, I bought 5 easy pick for the $23 Million drawing tonight and another $5 scratch off ticket. And it was another winner! I won $20 this time! so if my luck continues, I'll be driving to Lansing tomorrow to pick up a check for $23 Million.


FreeThinker said...

I'd say don't bother with all the trouble of commercializing creativity. It will rob you of innovation, and it won't pay well.

Plus, there's a lot of competition.

Just "barter" or just give away your work to friends.

Focus on the textiles as the $$$ earners.

And don't bother with the lottery either!

Sonji Hunt said...

Candice, I'm reading your blog for the first time. I'm in the AQ ring and decided to check out the new sites.

Congratulations on your logo. It's quite nice. This is what I think about all of your questions...
~lots of quilters charge per square foot for their pieces. You should charge what you would for any art work. You should feel comfortable with the amount you have received for your work and don't sell yourself short.
~Keep the final fabric piece unless you are selling it as a separate piece of artwork to your client. I suppose that you could factor in the fabric work as part of the logo charge. Once again, don't sell yourself short.
~Unlimited revisions...I think not, even if you are sending an email image, there has to be a limitation to revamping it.
~Yes, you should ask for credit for the logo. You designed it. How else are you going to get publicity? Name recognition, sister.
~NEVER LET ANYONE ELSE HAVE YOUR COPYRIGHTED IMAGE. That's what artist's have, their images. If you let someone else copyright it, you have sold the pinkie finger on your right hand. If you own the copyrights, then you can rework and reuse images freely. Never let anyone else have a copyright of your design or image. NEVER.

So, this is getting long. I look forward to seeing more of your work posted. Good Luck.