On to new things

I finished the towels quilt Monday night. It is ready to hang, just have to buy some kind of curtain rod. I am tossing around the idea of sending it to a show, somewhere. Kind of nervous about letting such a sentimental piece leave my hands.

Tuesday night I dyed about 5 yards of PFD for my next project. I was inspired Sunday night for my first project for school. I was driving home through the country, away from street lights and other light pollution. The moon was full and SO bright and beautiful. I was driving toward it for the whole 20 minute drive and had to really concentrate on not staring at it the whole time instead of the road! So my idea for my first completely fused quilt is sortof a landscape, but mostly a view of the sky with a huge moon and a row of moonflowers underneath. I find it so hard to describe in words my ideas for art. So I guess if none of that made sense... stay tuned for pictures. Critique is in Mid-October... am I setting myself up for stress and craziness?... YOU BET!!!

I am also very excited about my plans for re-designing my home page on the website. I made myself a logo, a 4-inch quilt that I then scanned into PhotoShop and added text. Here's a preview.

Who knew you could even make a website out of fabric! bwa ha ha ha!

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arlee said...

You can make *anything* out of fabric! Great idea!