3 scarves

I just spent the last hour and a half updating more of my website. I now have 3 of my woven scarves for sale. You can view them here. But here's a preview of my favorite one:

Somehow I stayed at school from 6 till 8:30 and only got a total of one yard of fabric dyed. I am playing around with shibori dying using PVC pipe. I cut my one yard into four pieces and did all yellow, with either green, orange or darker yellow on top. I think I was too impatient tonight and rinsed them out too early becuase I didn't get much of a shibori design on any of them.

Time for bed, I've been getting up later and later every day this week, this morning with only 20 minutes to get ready, plus the 10 minute drive... needless to say, I was late. Again.

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