Another good weekend makes Monday more miserable

Ok, so I'm not miserable, but I am slightly annoyed that I got up at 7am to get to work by 8:30 so I could sit here and do nothing. I guess I should quit complaining about being employed and getting a regular paycheck. I'm sure there are lots out there who aren't as lucky. I can pay my bills and that is all that matters.

The weekend was great. Ryan and I watched a movie Friday night called Sin City with Bruce WIllis and lots of other recognizable people in it but their names are not coming to mind at the moment. I thought the movie was AWFUL, Ryan liked it. It was basically just an excuse to show sex and violence, lots of guns, lots of body parts being cut off. Total guy movie or "dick flick". So, I got a little nap in during the movie and then knit thru the rest of it. Got quite a few rows of the baby blanket done. So it wasn't a wasted evening. The movie did have some redeeming qualities, it was exactly like a comic book. The direction and artistic quality was really cool. I still don't reccomend it though.

I got to work in the sewing room all day on Saturday. after I got up at 11:30... on accident. I mean it, I had planned on getting up at 9. I must've needed the extra sleep. So this is what I'm working on now. I decided the previous calendar contest piece I started wasn't that great. I'll probably finish it, but not for the contest. I decided to stick with the same theme, my dog Olive, but in a different scene. This was her favorite spot, sitting in front of the patio door with her nose inbetween the vertical blinds. She would sit there and watch, until she saw something, anything move (which is pretty often when you live in an apartment building) and she would FREAK OUT! she jumped all over the place barking and growling and snarling. You can't even imagine how awful a scene it was. The people outside thought it was hilarious. Especially when they got to see me trying to make her stop. So anyway... Here she is looking out the window.

The finished piece has to be either 12 or 14 inches square (this one is 12). but what I have done so far is 5 by 6. So I have some decisions to make about the outside border. The original plan was to do sortof a log cabin thing with a lot of different colored scraps. But I started laying it out adn it just takes focus away from Olive. So I think I like that overdyed purple fabric with a not so black small border right around the picture part, instead of the blue. Then I can do some hand stitching on the purple border.

Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions?

Saturday night Ryan and I went out to Bennigan's for dinner. (If Bennegins is supposed to be an Irish Pub, why is half the menu Cajun? Everything has cajun spice in it.) It was very good despite the not-so-great service on this particular night. Then we were going to go to Toys R Us to get some ideas for Christmas presents for his 3-1/2 year old nephew. We didn't get there in time, they were going to close in 10 minutes, so we didn't go in. We went to Borders instead and browsed books. Me in the knitting section and him in the automotive section (which happen to be right next to each other, so when I spotted a picture of a cocker spaniel wearing a home-made sweater, I could show him and say, "see, this is why I need a dog"). So we each left with a couple things and some coffee (white chocolate mocha, yum!). I bought my first ever knitting magazine and took some notes on a couple things I can put on my Christmas list.

I told Ryan that I was going to make him watch The Music Man or Bye Bye Birdie. Some kind of chick flick to make up for what we watched the night before. He said something like, "we can watch whatever you want" and then I told him that all the movies I rattled off were musicals and he scrunched up his nose. We ended up watching Saturday Night Live, I wouldn't make him watch musicals, I know he hates them and it would not be fun for me to watch them like that. I learned the hard way when we went to see RENT together. I had seen it twice before, and loved it, but he did not enjoy it even a little bit.

Sunday we carved pumpkins at my parents house. The farm we bought the pumpkins at had baby pigs, chickens, two turkeys, bunnies, goats and a llama. We got to pet the goats, and a bunny, the llama didn't want anything to do with us.

Here we are from left to right, Jack-o-Ryan, Candice-o-lantern and Jack-o-Mom-o-Lantern.

Oh yeah, and meet Dinger... my virtual pet (see side-bar).


Karoda said...

My brother just recommended Sin City. He described it as "stylized" violence similiar to Kill Bill, which I avoided watching for over a year. But to my surprise I really enjoyed it. I have never heard the term "dick flick"...LOL...I'll add that to my vocabulary.

Elle said...

I loved Sin City. I loved Kill Bill as well, lol. What is that saying? LOL!!

The jack o'lantern pic is too funny!