more shibori

I dyed three more half yards of fabric last night. All Shibori. I really like shibori dying. It's so easy and you come out with such neat fabrics. This time I painted two pieces light pink, then wrapped and scrunched them on the pvc and painted one with purple and the other with mocha/brown. The third piece I did light kiwi and then darker avocado on top. (so far, all the dyes I've used for this next project all have names of fruit except for the mocha, which is a beverage... Mocha, Eggplant, Kiwi, Avocado. Avocado is a fruit right?)

So, here's a pic of ALL my shibori for this project.

And here are the two pieces I painted on Tuesday.

I might use that purple/green one, but I doubt it. and I will not be using the red/purp/brown one, it reminds me of Freddy Krueger.

The OSU stuff was sent out today, here are a couple shots of the finished items that will be up for Auction at the OSU game. Proceeds will be going to Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. I hope no one tells the bidders they were made by a girl who lives a mile from Michigan Stadium! That doesn't mean I'm a fan though. I hate football.

I am relieved to have those OSU things done. It was one of the more difficult things I've worked on lately. I think because I had such a limited knowledge of Football and Ohio State football specifically, and also because I only had about two weeks to work on it, which is my own fault. Now I can focus on my next project with the SHibori fabrics. I think I am going to do a variation on a log cabin quilt for this. I thought of it last night before I fell asleep, and amazingly still remembered it in the morning, so it must be a good idea.

In other exciting news... As you may now, I've been playing these $5 bingo scratch off lottery tickets. Here's a tally so far...
Bought one: -$5 Won $10
Bought one: -$5 Won $20
Bought two: -$10 Won $10
Bought four: -$20 Won $100, yes, I said one hundred. I won a hundred dollars on a scratch off ticket! wooohoooo! So fifty of it is going to my mom, who is going to hide it from me until I have to pay my renters insurance. I'll take probably $20 of it and buy four more tickets and the rest will just go into my wallet for whatever random thing I need cash for. I checked online and the $300,000 winning ticket is still out there. It will be mine, bwa ha ha... IT WILL BE MINE.

Looking forward to the weekend, I don't have anything exciting planned, but just looking forward to NOT going to work. The more blogs I read while I'm here at work, the more annoyed and more jealous I get. I just want to be home sewing or knitting or weaving or dying fabric... anything other than sitting at this desk in front of this computer waiting for something to do. So, all this talk of lottery tickets and money, it's not that I am greedy, it is that I hate working. I can't think of a single job I could get up before the sun for and be happy about it. Unless I can do it in my pj's and at home. So that is my goal in all this lottery talk. I either have to win the lottery, get famous real quick or find a rich guy and marry him. That third one wouldn't be a problem if I weren't already in love.

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Elle said...

I like the shibori fabrics!

You know, I'll play the Powerball when the jackpot's huge. Maybe I need to play more scratch offs from time to time, LOL!