Should have been a productive day, but...

I had a list of things I wanted to do today while home and able. I didn't accomplish any of them, but did manage to get something done today.

The other night, I remembered a project that I promised a friend. I agreed to make a quilt with the theme of Ohio State University Football. It would be donated by me, to be auctioned off for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. I agreed back in JULY that I would do this. Thursday night, I remembered that I should have been working on it all this time. So Friday morning in the shower I planned it all out in my head, and even thought I would make a handfull of 4 by 6 pieces to donate as well.

Well, that is what I've been working on today.
This was the plan:

This is where it is now:

I didn't do any measuring, except to get the O onto my release paper. then I just started cutting out triangles. Not realizing that I had to have a few that were exactly isocoleze or whatever, kind of like a keystone arch... you have to have one on each side that has a center symmetry line, because now as I get farther from the center of the one side all my points are getting funky. so it needs a major re-haul. maybe tomorrow... ugh.

As I was trying to figure all that out, my mom stopped over and we brainstormed a bit. Then we went out for "brain food" haha, hardly! McDonalds. Man, that shit is so good, but OH SO BAD! After she left, I decided to let the O quilt sit for the night and I got on the computer and listed some things on ebay. Some Silk Noil yarn I ordered and don't like and some other random things I don't want any more, none of them fiber related.

Ryan and I are going out to see "Corpse Bride" tonight. The new Tim Burton stop-animation movie. I think it has been about two years since we went to a movie in a theater! it is just so expensive. Guess I should go put some makeup on and maybe change my clothes. Definitely will have to take off the fuzzy purple slippers.

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