screwed up

My blog seems to be a bit screwed up. I was updating some things and must have accidentally deleted something important. Whatever part of the code that makes the light pink go all the way down the window must've been moved or deleted. oops! Now I guess I have to save all my blog ring-codes and everything else and re-do my template.

This reminds me of the time I adopted my family's old pc for myself. I set it up in my bedroom, hooked it up to the internet (dial-up at the time) and proceeded to delete all traces of it ever being someone else's computer. So anything I didn't recognize or didn't need got trashed. The next day, I looked at the screen and it was black with a bunch of pixelated splotches of color where the icons should have been. Yeah, must've deleted something really important. This messed up blog is not quite as big a deal though, thankfully.

The critique last night went well. The Moonflowers were well recieved, everyone gave me compliments. I went in with some questions about finishing it, but left with no answers. Somehow the subject got changed or somethinhg, but I didn't get answers. So I am on my own tonight. Have to finish it tonight because I have to bring it back in on Thursday for the finished crit. So I'll let you know more after that... for now... time to fix the blog. grrr...

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