Will I ever have enough shibori fabric?

After another week of school, I have six more pieces of dyed fabric. I dyed them on Tuesday and let them sit until I could come back on Thursday to rinse. These three shibori ones turned out great! Someone in class actually asked me, "how much fabric do you need for this project!?" I said, "I don't know, but this better be enough." So this first piece is just great. (pic below is pretty fuzzy) I really just want to hang it up as it is. I can see it all hemmed on the edges and with some kind of meticulous hand stitching all over it in some kind of organic flower vines pattern or something. I do need it for the log cabin-ish quilt I'm planning though. So I will end up cutting it up and sewing it back together with all my other shibori fabrics. I hope it's worth it!!!

Here are two more pieces from last night. The first one started out purple with mocha on it after being scrunched, the second one is the opposite.

So last week, I was emptying out all the trash cans from home and putting it all in one big bag to take out to the dumpster. I got into the sewing room and started to dump the trash from there. I had thrown the three skeins of pink baby alpaca in there the week before after seeing all the moth holes in it. I started dumping the trash out into the bag and at the last minute grabbed the three skeins and set them on the table and took the rest of the trash outside. Wednesday night I sat down and started to unwind the skeins, one at a time to see what I could selvedge. I got enough to do... something with...some day. hehehe... just can't let it go to waste! throwing it away would have been knitting sacrilege! I saved my soul from the knitting devil at the very last moment! So this is what I was left with, 3 smallish balls of good stuff and a pile of small pieces, lovingly separated from the rest of the skein by some moths. (yes, I threw all the small pieces away, I'm not completely insane)

I've also been knitting a Christmas present with Classic Elite Imagine yarn for a certain someone who reads this blog. I love the colors and the shiny rayon that goes thru it, but it is not so fun to knit with. it's kind of hard against my fingers. I'm almost done with it though and it is looking very nice. I also think my tension is a big part of it too. I noticed I was pulling the yarn really tight when I pull the loop off the left needle. I also noticed that I clench my jaw when I knit. I need to stop both of those bad habits.

Last but certainly not least, my best friend in the whole world (we've been best friends since the age of 3) has a blog for her mom, you can view it here. Over the summer her mom was diagnosed with a rare and very aggressive form of uterine cancer. She designed the blog to be like a prayer circle. The goal is to get as many people all over the world to participate so that every minute of every day, someone, somewhere is wishing them good thoughts and healing (and prayers if you're so inclined). They are the most amazing and beautiful women I have ever been so lucky to have in my life. Please take a moment to think about them today.

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