A revelation

I can't believe how much crap is out there on the internet. I have spent the last hour or so looking for a good webring to add to my website. I do belong to one webring that is a fiber art/contemporary art quilt ring, but it's not bringing any traffic of people who want to buy anything from me. So I went in search of some kind of e-commerce or gift shop ring. I found tons and tons, but in perusing the other sites that belong to the rings, I don't really want to join any of them. SO many people just have ad farms (sites with nothing but money making schemes, affiliate ads, etc.). I guess I need to keep looking.

Critique on the Moonflowers is tonight. it is an in-process critique, which is good because it isn't done yet. I sewed on it for a couple hours on Sunday but broke 5 or 6 needles in less than 10 minutes, then on that 7th needle it started to sew ok for a while. I put some of the veins on the leaves and drew on the flowers with chalk where I want to add more detail. That should be good enough for tonight, I'll finish it Wednesday after work, then take it back in for a finished critique on Thursday. I am very pleased with it so far and anxious to show it off and get instant feedback and some advice on a few things. I'm wondering if it should have a border or not. I was thinking I would just bind it like a quilt, but I dont' think I want any border on it, even if it is only 1/2" wide. Also I was thinking about not doing any quilting in the moon. I think it will make it stand out more. we'll see what the class has to say about all that. Then I can choose to take their advice or ignore them. bwa ha ha ha!

I spent some time at work on my 100 things about me list on Friday and Monday. it is posted here in the sidebar>>>
It was not as hard as I thought it would be. I actually thought of more than 100 things...but decided not to show off. ;) hehe

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