Better than nothing

Well, this is about all I accomplished over the weekend. None of the leaves or stems are fused down yet, waiting till I have all the pieces cut out and lined up before I press any of it.

I have been having lots of people visiting my website, it's very exciting. I still am not sure that all my email links work though. It makes me a little nervous that I haven't even gotten a "hi, I like your stuff" email. Which means, either no one is polite enough to send me one or that some people have but my links don't work. Oh pleeeeease let the links be working! I don't know how to fix them if they don't!!!

I signed up to an affiliate program last week. Since I am new at this, I am a little wary of the process. After I gave them my info, they sent me a W-9 to fill out and return to them. That feels like a big deal and major commitment. If anyone knows any more info about that, can I pick your brain?

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